for delivery April 9, 2013

I will gladly email descriptions of our menu offerings!  I don't want to type them now because I am multi-tasking -- updating this while working on a soup for the week after next (trial week!)  

Here are some of the POTENTIAL upcoming menus (they are bound to change, but this is what is currently on the docket).  The dates are the delivery dates, assuming I got them right and they are all Tuesdays.

4/16  A visit to N'awlins: soups will be Chicken Andouille Gumbo (M) and/or Red Beans & Rice (V, GF), dessert that is to be tested this week on my family, a friend of mine made and declared it Amazing: Reeses Peanut Butter Bread. 

4/23 We're welcoming my in-laws back from Florida with Tao Tomato Soup (D) and Harira Moroccan Lentil (V), both GF (gluten free).  Probably Soup SIstah delights for dessert.

4/30 Cinco de Mayo menu 1 (because I can't decide if Cinco de Mayo belongs on 4/30 or 5/7.)  Tortilla Soup (V, GF) the one you  make the little nest in your bowl with tortilla chips and cheese and whatever else you like, and a squeeze of lime...  Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles for dessert, because they rock.  I think soup #2 will be Cream of Spring (D).

5/7 Cinco de Mayo #2 will be my friend Kathleen's kickin' Taco Soup, which is delish (M) and sort of like a chili -- red beans, ground beef, very very good but nothing like the Tortilla soup except that the taco chips, cheese and sour cream go great with this too.  Something with cinnamon for dessert, possibly the Chocolate Cinnamon Sunset cake w/ deep chocolate ganache, but then again maybe Kahlua cheesecake brownies.  Not sure about soup #2 yet, but it will definitely be GF and V. 

We will be closed Memorial Day week as my best friend is getting married in Nebraska.  I've never been to Nebraska so I get to color in another state on my map!

 Please Share Us With Your Friends  When your friends join the menu distribution list and place their first order, you get your choice of either a free dessert or free bread.  You choose whether to share.  ;-D

Best regards, Julia (aka the SoupLady) and my magnificent Soup (and Salad and So On) Sistahs Jen, Jenn, and Meredith.   The rest of our gals have taken other jobs -- so in that regard -- helping Moms re-enter the workforce -- we are an unqualified success! 

Our shebangs give you more yumminess for the price!
$33 Soupah Shebang:  2 quarts soup, 1 order rolls, 1 order dessert
$23  Shebang 1 quart soup, 1 order rolls, 1 order dessert
a la carte add-ons: soup $13, rolls $5, dessert $6

Multiple deliveries to one location discount (useful for offices, schools, etc.) $1 off each shebang/soupah shebang each time multiple orders are delivered to the same location.  If an individual orders multiple shebangs, or shebang/soupah shebang combinations on any given week they DO qualify for the discount.  

OK, you know the drill, deliveries on Tuesday (unless you’re in Clifton Park, in which case they will be Wednesday, unless I can somehow get down there Tuesday, which would probably require experimentation in the space-time continuum, which requires far better physics skills than mine.)

Orders due by Friday midnight if you can manage it, but please contact me when you miss because usually we can accommodate at least 1 oops order. Cell: 321-2436 prefer texting as I am always driving and never check my voicemail, or via email; which I check compulsively.

The Soup Sistahs and I love hearing from you. Please send suggestions for the next planning menu. That’s the best way to get your favorite soup!

As always, if you are unhappy in any way, I will gladly replace the offending item with the selection from your next order. So go ahead and try the menu – I’m that sure that you’ll like it! I’m always eager for recipes, suggestions, and feedback. Please email them to me at

We bake and cook in the Souper Secret Saratoga Soup Sistah Kitchen & Clubhouse at      404 Geyser Road where tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy and gluten products are used with abandon.  If you have allergies, please be advised that while we might not intentionally add any of the above to a product, we cannot guarantee that anything we make is entirely free of them.

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